Changes color when

you pet them

 11 Styles

Small - $9.95

Medium - $14.95


Due to popularity

All styles may not be available

Wasabi the Gorilla
"My name in the jungle is spunky monkey,
And all of my tricks are very funky."

Anora the Dragon

"You will not see me in the park,

Because my fur is very dark."

Zuri the Monkey

"I like hanging out with you

But just make sure we go to the zoo"

Dotty the Leopard

"I walk around the jungle ground You can't hear me I make no sound!"

Beanie Boos

3 sizes (not all sizes available in all animals)

A huge assortment of styles:


Very limited assortment in  the large.

Wynnie the Parrot

"I relax in places where it's hot,

We should be friends, why not?"


Owlet the Owl

 "I love soaring way up high as if my wings could touch the sky!"

Gilbert the Giraffe

 "I like to lick peanut butter off a spoon but my mouth gets real sticky so I can't sing a tune!"

Beaks the Toucan

"Fruit is my favorite food to eat,

I even like it more than meat."

Tundra the White Tiger
"My friends think that I am very majestic
I agree but don't ever call me domestic"

Ida the Hedgehog

"I love to roll up in a ball,
But then it's really hard to crawl."

Duke the St. Bernard Dog

"Running makes me a happy dog
So take me with you when you jog!

Owen the Owl

 "I like to fly high above the trees and feel the crisp cool autumn breeze"